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Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard






Guitar, Keyboard

Gum Sellers – a band with a genuine sound based on dance pop-rock, flexible bass guitar riffs saturated with powerful and melodic synch accompaniment and treble new-wave vocals.The main source of inspiration for the lyrics of the band is their own imagination and perception of the surrounding world, the development of which was strongly influenced by Russian classical literature, widely known for its richness, variety of images, aesthetics and symbolism of different epochs.

The debut album "Waiting for the Sun" was released in 2015.

Full Story

Gum Sellers – a true story, in which “the deficit and distribution of real taste” act as a symbol of time.

We belong to the generation of the end of Soviet Union existence, to those times when chewing-gum was elevated to the rank of teenage currency. It could be exchanged for everything, even for something you could not buy with the money. By itself this currency had become a symbol of owning something very special and important.

Teenagers whose pockets were filled with chewing-gum, could share tastes, due to which it was possible to distribute what was considered to be inaccessible, abstract. They did not sell nor did they buy, they would rather spread the taste, offsetting the deficit.

This time, like any other, had its own sound, its own notes of time. It was exactly the sound that had passed through us, assembling as a constructor our story, our perception of the surrounding world, state of mind, mood and whose face we turn into our songs.

Founded: 2012

Location: Fürth, Germany

Origin: Chisinau, Moldova

Music style: Dream Pop / Power Pop / Indie

Members: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard - Victor Hrustetsky; Guitar, Keyboard - Vicu Macovei; Bass - Dmitri Scripnic; Drums - Corneliu Scripnic

Inspired by: The Killers, Whomadewho, Hot chip, Empire of the sun, Metronomy


Denis Lepilov - Managing Producer